Samsung SUHD 2016. How are the new TVs

SUHD TV screen Quantum 2016 offers the best image quality, elegant design and smart user experience. SUHD 2016 Samsung TVs offer unparalleled picture quality due Quantum dot screen, the first models with a unique curved, frameless, with a sleeker from every angle. They introduces new smart user experience, making it easier for users to access all content from entertainment dint one place. In addition, new TVs are compatible with SUHD 2016 IoT technology, so that TV becomes the control center for the entire smart house.


Samsung’s new TVs SUHD 2016 incorporates a 10-bit screen Quantum dot, the only technology that does not contain cadmium. They render realistic images with impressive brightness and contrast and vivid colors. Most American users watching shows and movies on TV with the lights on (86% in week days, 85% on weekends) and very few prefer dark when facing the screen (14% in weekday and 15% on weekends). All models offer Samsung SUHD this year a High Dynamic Range premium experience with a minimum of 1,000 nits HDR to take advantage of superior contrast. Furthermore, new models and integrates Ultra Black technology, which significantly reduces the reflection of light, improving image quality. Inspired by nature, Ultra Black technology absorbs daylight same principle by which the butterfly eyes enable them to see better at night.

Being frameless, the viewer’s attention is focused on what matters most – exciting content displayed. To achieve this design, Samsung has considered eliminating all elements that were not necessary even remove items placed on the back cover, so as to create a product with a beautiful design from any angle. Mobile Samsung Smart View app enables users to instantly share content with family. Smart View app update is now compatible not only with Samsung Galaxy devices, but also with those with Andoid OS and iOS and Windows computers. Popular applications, including AccuWeather, Crackle, iHeartRatio, M-Go, Plex, Pluto.Tv UFC, Vimeo, and more YuppTV are also compatible with Smart View. UHD streaming movies and TV shows through platfomele Amazon, Netflix and M-Go or accessing applications like YouTube was not nic├ónd easier. UHD technologies developed by NeuLion will allow live streaming of sporting events UHD quality. Users can connect the new HD Blu-Ray Player with HDMI (2.0) for access to UHD movies with HDR technology. Direct access to live programs provided by Dish and Time Warner is also simplified.

However, the new enhanced entertainment experience by offering users the possibility to program specific settings for watching movies, activate the sound bar and sound system while watching content on their TV – redefining the concept of “smart”. For full compatibility with devices necessary SmartThings SmartThings Extend USB adapter. When synchronized with a Samsung TV SUHD Quantum dot display, it provides an image quality so far unavailable to users. Upscaling technology improves the image quality of content from Blu-ray playback standard DVDs or CDs.

Samsung has partnered with Hollywood movie studios to ensure that users will benefit from Blu-Ray content to Ultra HD. This year, 20th Fox will launch over 100 discs 4K Ultra HD with HDR technology, including The Martian titles, Peanuts and others. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. inspire and create the future with innovative ideas and technologies that redefine the universe TVs, smartphones, smart accessories, tablets, cameras, digital appliances, printers, medical equipment, networking systems, semiconductors and display solutions digital.


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