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Pokemon Sun store receives associate update that resolves the complaints
After last week didn’t clear a major range of users that have return to demand a refund, Pokemon sun developers have free a brand new update. Pokemon sun rom like all different mobile game, is way from good. exactly for this reason, it desires frequent updates offered players finishing expertise.

Additionally, users get bored and want new content, and this subject is additionally on the list of priorities of Niantic. Not the opposite, however nothing manage to get $ two hundred million profit in one month, if then lose most of the fans. It looks that may not be the case of Pokemon Go. Worse than web users dependency of Pokemon Go is that the sizable amount of accidents within which they get entangled in whereas enjoying.

The latest update for Pokemon Go hoped to cut back the quantity disastous circumstances through some terribly helpful options. Basically, we have a tendency to speak and sound unit new options, however the foremost necessary could be a new notification system that is probably going to forestall future disasters. it had been supplemental a dialog that the coach wouldn’t have to be compelled to play once traveling over a precise speed. additionally, coaches ought to make sure that don’t cause still play.

The same update free within the last days improves the accuracy of throws quite tough, fixex some bugs and for the primary time, permits you to vary your name within the game, provided you are doing once. The developer conjointly proclaimed that it’s testing a feature that enables players to create life easier. Players will now be able to find information about attack and defense capabilities of a pokemon to determine which of their biggest potential fight.

Present at the conference in San Diego Comic – Cos, the three characters have intrigued fans by how they were conceived, saying that some of them are thinking whether to move to another team, all because of physical appearance. Blanche has created curiosity for most players because it is uncertain whether the character is a woman or a man. Fortunately, however, fans have not given too much importance to this aspect.
Places like The Holocausts Memorial Museum or The 9/11 Memorial asked Pokemon sun players as much as possible to avoid catching pokemon inside those buildings or locations. Not only military bases and police stations have asked the same thing, even police warning players not to use the app while driving. However, some people seem to take things seriously. It seems that those in Niantic, Nintendo and Pokemon company are sued by a disgruntled couple from Detroit, on the grounds that they violate the property, which creates a great sense of insecurity. The two young men seek to change the way it works GPS map.

Specifically, all locations (http://pksunrom.com/) to be excluded, which is a private properly and not have the owner’s permission. If you see a pokemon in a place that could not be sure to capture, as a building or personal estate wherever you’ll be able to not catch that pokemon, does not. perpetually there’ll be another chance to capture the pokemon.

Pokemon Go! Between game and psychosis

Perhaps you have heard of Pokemon Go, an application already launched in dozens of countries that the United States already amount to a degree of madness. Pokemon fever of the 90s – 2000 seemed to have disappeared and that was a phase of childhood as Tom & Jerry cartoon series or 402 children, returned now in force, this time not on TV, but on Android and iOS operating systems, that is available on smartphones and tablets.


This framework gave Pokemon’s overloaded the already servers in the United States and Britain the number of those who have downloaded the free app is very high, continuing to grow, but not the quantitative aspect is what interests us specifically, but the impact this game-application has on users. The Pokemon Company launched the Niantic game free-to-play downloadable for free from the Google Play Store and App-Store.

Players must capture Pokemon creatures, grow them and train them, but then throw them into the arena to fight with other players on the network. Capturing Pokemon creatures in a travel application requires the player to collect these virtual creatures, regardless of where the user is located. Interposed pokemon application on a map, where players have to look for them in the city streets, in parks, in the woods in different places. All you have to do is find these creatures player hidden virtual application.

The issue raised by this application is its effect, because the players are captivated handling of the game, trapped in a virtual space, interacting with real life physically by searching Pokemon creatures, disconnecting it from what is real about them. This is evidenced by the pictures in the United States, where players desperate parked cars without much attention, becoming an integral part of driving mad race after Pokemon.

Hypnotized individuals go into a race of something unreal. In general, virtual life generated by technology in a setting as possible real aims to improve our new work, we facilitate thinking of us obtain information faster and it seems that the role to have fun for to relax. Everything seems fine in theory, but practical obedience mind becomes, paradoxically, her product. By effects app pokemon go pokecoins cheats! publicized global support function is obsolete technology, cell function by interfering a true mutation. Our minds become a virtual image pixels, but in real space created. No studies applied (psychological) on the effects of the new app, because it has been recently published and not yet know his fate, but if we study the behavior of players Pokemon Go! by observation, we infer a disorder of mental activity, or better said, a disorder of their full presence in the real world.

That users Pokemon Go! reserve time or interrupt an activity to look desperate creatures Pokemon app at night in parks, on the city shows the major impact that creates (at least at first glance) alienation, estrangement unconscious individual natural methods / human to relax, to do other work or play.

The game is very useful and adults, may consist of a distraction through an activity at group or individual with the purpose of us de-stress, to give us a more lax and we disconnect from everyday problems. It is a vital human resource. But you can play the game with such an application such as Pokemon Go! ? We can say, after the findings above that. At least apparently. Here’s why. Game apps, even if we create a state of relaxation, it is devoid of playfulness, the most important feature. The game focuses our applications in a surreal space generated by our minds (the manufacturers of such games), and the problem for this is that due to the vastness of the virtual world, our minds are lost in meaningless abyss. They are manipulated by an unknown world that will remain so. Everything is unreal, will remain insatiable.


All you need to know about Pokémon GO

We talked for days about Pokemon Go. The mobile game now has comes to a lot of countries wordwide, becoming the phenomenon of the summer. And at this point, with the game already in our hands officially, we believe it worth stopping a moment, breathe deeply and see what all this with the data that has left us Pokemon Go  during his first and frantic month of life.

What is Pokémon GO?

The quick and easy answer would be: a mobile game with which you can capture Pokémon using Augmented Reality. The best answer, I think would be: the dream of all fans of Pokemon that thanks to this game, have become true coaches, those that capture the bugs in the real world and in the most accurate way to fiction possible. The next step in realism would replace the virtual Pokemon by costumed colleagues, here is the thing. With augmented Reality technology, which makes Pokemon Go it is to show the creatures in real environments. What it is more, in real environments to match your location The streets of your people are there, the gambling dens your people are there, everything is there thanks to the maps and geolocation. Just go outside to look Pokemon. And sure, capture them. And that is it? No, it is not. As good coach you are going to have to improve your creatures, upload level and make them fight with each other. For that you have the PokeStops and Gyms. The PokeStops are vital for your role as Pokemon coach. You will se them marked on the map as blue cubes and may be associated with monuments, landmark buildings or other point of interest in your city. These PokeStops will serve to collect items such as PokeBalls or potions, you will be very useful in your new virtual career as a coach of these pokemons. And what about Gyms? Your mission is to obtain and defend them, become the master of that place. Ideally, then, it is to capture the maximum number of Pokémon to have increasingly powerful creatures that can stand up to others, either to take both gyms to defend them. Why do you think that is everybody out of the house and even riding hangouts of thousands of people to capture bugs?

Niantic confirmed a few days ago that the ability to trade Pokemons between players will be a future update. We do not know for now is how will take place this exchange. Can we change each other directly from player to player no matter where you are each? Will there be several exchange systems? We’ll see. On the other hand, it is clear that everyone wants to take all the Pokémon available, and especially with the legendary. That means that we must be attentive to the announcements are made about it to target those days on the calendar and go for them when you touch. One more way to give some life to the game by dates.

Revenues generated by ‘Pokémon GO’ during his first day were around 5,000,000 dollars, according Mia Nagasaka, an analyst at Morgan Stanley. Not bad for a game that can be downloaded completely free of both iOS and Android.